Justin Tuink – A dream destroyed

Justin Tuink, uno de nuestros estudiantes de intercambio proveniente desde Windesheim University of Applied Sciences en los Países Bajos, escribió un inspirador mensaje sobre la experiencia que vivió durante su corta estadía en Ecuador y cómo la resiliencia, la flexibilidad y su determinación lo ayudan a continuar a través de este reto.

A dream destroyed

For barely 7 weeks I lived the life I dreamed about. A different country, a different language, a different house, independent, completely different culture where I had to find everything that was normal. It was literally a dream that came true. However, the Corona-virus put a bitter end to it.
The last two weeks have been one big challenge. All of a sudden, I was back in the country I did not want to see for another four months. So many things left to do, so many new people to meet, people to get to know better. No appropriate goodbye to the beautiful people I already met. I was just getting settled and used to the new life I was allowed to live. As I said, it felt like a dream destroyed.

It still takes time to get over the fact I am already home. Even though, I am already home for almost two weeks. Two weeks of adapting again. This time to virtual classes, the cold temperature, to be honest to actually see the people I love again. I am following classes till 4:00 in the morning. Now, I am used to a completely different rhythm. The process has been hard.

Stop the negativity. I also have learned a lot. Flexibility: within 48 hours after receiving the message that I had to go home, I was flying. Independency: I did live on my own in a foreign country. Resilience: seeing other opportunities to live my dream. Determined: not letting this kickback getting the best of me. As time goes by, I will get my chances. The language I will learn? Give me a year and there is a third one on my Linkedin page. Give me two years and I am probably studying abroad for my masters degree. Taking exams? Finished this week with an 8.1 as the lowest mark. Ecuador? I do not know when, but we will see each other again. I am going to continue my classes to prevent myself from any study delay. I am going to finish my semester. I will live abroad again. I will speak that language. I will live my dream.

It ain’t over till I win