Eugénie Gruais, French, ISTC

Studying at UIDE was a unique experience. Since my first day, I felt like I was at home. I discovered a new teaching style with a closer relationship with all the teachers. My classes allowed me to practice my Spanish in a professional context. I do not know the other universities of Ecuador but UIDE has nothing to envy the French universities, is an amazing university. There is a lot of incredible sports like paintball and BMX, it’s crazy!

Ecuador you are incredible and a very rich country. It was a pleasure getting to know each one of your regions. Your landscapes are wonderful, the volcanoes, the Amazon, the beaches, the colors of the markets … your people are so hospitable and very friendly.

Now, I return to France with many memories in my suitcase: of your culture, your traditions and above all with many friendships.

What an incredible adventure, what a beautiful country, Ecuador I will never forget you!