Frequently Asked Questions

Please download our visa guide for more information.

Yes, UIDE requires that all exchange students provide proof of health insurance. 

Yes, download our housing guide for details. 

Tuition is free if UIDE has an agreement with your university. You just pay tuition at your home university.

Most courses are held in Spanish. UIDE also offers select classes in English. In the past, students who spoke intermediate Spanish discovered that the language barrier proved to be more fiction than fact, and that classes in Spanish helped them improve their language proficiency in a short period of time.

At UIDE, we use a grading scale from 0 - 100. 70 is the minimum required to pass a course. Anything above 90 is considered an excellent grade average. Courses are three credits each: One credit is equivalent to one hour of class per week throughout the semester. 

Note: class attendance is mandatory. 

As part of the buddy program, you will be assigned a UIDE student to guide and assist you throughout your exchange.

Many students become expert tourists and take advantage of Ecuador’s many natural wonders. The Galapagos Islands are a favorite destination. As UIDE students, you receive a discount on the entrance fee to the Galapagos National Park. On the island of Santa Cruz, UIDE operates a small and rustic finca (hobby farm) where exchange students can stay free of charge.

Other popular destinations: 

  • Baños
  • Montañita
  • Amazon rainforest
  • Otavalo (daytrip) 
  • Mindo

We suggest that you arrive one week before class begins, which will give you enough time to get familiar with the campus, your accommodation, and to take care of administrative errands. 

Note: Arrivals after classes have initiated are not permitted.

Like UIDE’s international for more information.