Why Ecuador?

Despite of being small in size, Ecuador is a country rich in cultural, geographic and biological diversity.

Ecuador is one of the world’s few megadiverse countries; its regions include Pacific coast dry forests, beaches and mangroves; highlands and snowcapped volcanoes in the Andes Mountains; Amazon tropical jungles; and the incredible uniqueness of the Galapagos Islands.

Friendly people, nice weather and safety compared to other South American countries make it a great study abroad destination. The interprovincial public transportation system makes exploring the country relatively easy and cheap, perfect for a student budget.

Ecuador is a destination full of adventure, delicious cuisine and ancestral multicultural heritage. There are 14 indigenous nationalities and 18 indigenous communities recognized by the government—an impressive number for such a small country—who still preserve their traditional values and practices.

For the fourth consecutive year, Ecuador has won the “World’s Leading Green Destination 2016″ award, granted by the World Travel Awards (WTA), known as the Oscars of the tourism world.

Some of the most important tourist places are: