Sophie Schirle, German, Deggendorf Institute of Technology

The time I spent in Ecuador was incredible. The most impressive experience was that I got to meet amazing people that now I can call friends and family. I was in contact with many open hearted, lovely and caring friends, especially the CEI members. We collected many great experiences and adventures together, especially when they thought us how to celebrate the Ecuadorian way.

The University is a place I always visited with pleasure, because of its friendly and peaceful atmosphere. The relationship between students as well as the relationship between professors and students was very respectful, and on top of that way more familiar than what I was used to back in my German university. Ecuador and its landscape managed to impress me over and over again. The wide diversity of landscapes are absolutely worth getting explored. Hiking in volcanic landscapes such Chimborazo, visiting the rainforest at Baños, cocktails at Montañita beach… This semester couldn’t have been filled with anymore joy, friends and adventures!