Delphine Iragena, American, Millikin University

This semester has been a challenge, an adventure and a learning experience for me. Having the opportunity to study abroad really opened my eyes to different things. Universidad International De Ecuador has been very accommodating to me. Even though I barely knew any Spanish most of my teachers were willing to help me understand the subject at hand. Out of the kindness of their hearts the students also reached out to me. It’s a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere at this university not to mention the scenery is breathtaking.

My host family was also very welcoming and accommodating to me. Everything was very flexible.

This is the most I’ve ever traveled and I loved it. Ecuador and Colombia have a certain vibe and atmosphere that I fell in love with. Each city was unique and stood out. I will definitely have many stories to talk about when I go back to the U.S. Thank you for having me!