Julia Orth

Deggendorf Institute of Technology
Exchange student 2015 


I loved my stay in Ecuador and at the UIDE. In the beginning it was hard because not many people speak a lot of English but that only helped to improve my Spanish.

The people at the UIDE are very friendly and welcoming. The relationship between professors and students is very close and with a lot of interaction during classes.

The teachers support you a lot and always try to help you, and the classes they teach are very interesting because of their experiences and practical examples and projects.

The time goes by so fast, and I had many wonderful experiences and made new friends. I will never forget my time here and would choose the UIDE again any time.

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Melanie Meller

University of Business and Economics Vienna
 “Freemover” Student 2011


My time at UIDE was amazing. I took some courses in Spanish and others in English.

Initially I was not sure if my Spanish would be good enough, but thanks to the small class sizes and teachers that took extra time to make sure I would be able to follow the courses, the Spanish classes turned out to be the most enriching.

During my time in Ecuador, I also worked on a chocolate business idea.

Upon my return to Austria I launched an artisanal chocolate business, working with Ecuadorian Cacao beans.

I took advantage of the different extracurricular activities offered at UIDE and learned how to ride horses and dance salsa! I also traveled to the Galapagos Islands and Montañita during my exchange. Ecuador is an incredible country with endless wildlife and amazing landscapes. I hope to go back soon.

Like UIDE’s international for more information.